Chapter 9

Monday 6th September, 2010
“On a real, on a real, where the girl is in truth?” Kyla was sure Tianna was with them a while ago. Running off like that without warning was probably a bad idea, but she supposed that Tianna would have enough common sense to follow suit behind them like a wild hen. The girls had to conduct the Opening School Year presentation to the assembly. The presentation was about the last school year event being shown in three forms, Art, Music and Drama. The winning performing arts team at the end of every school year had the responsibility to showcase memorable events from the past year in those three artistic performances at the beginning of the next school year. It was a big shock to them, but Monae, Kyla, Kemereta, Alicia, Ava-ann and Arianna won last year. They called themselves the ‘Dutty Skin Hens’. When asked why they chose their name, the answer was very odd but it worked to suit them, “it was a wired name most people wouldn’t forget, it just wild and crazy kind of like each one of us.” The girls took performing arts as an extra curriculum subject except for Alicia who majored in it, but it turned out they were all somewhat gifted. Monae and Ava-ann branched off into drawing and design, Kemereta and Arianna into vocals and Alicia and Kyla instrumentals. All of them were overly dramatic when it came to acting. Being their crazy, stupid and retarded selves made them naturals in Drama performances. It was only Dance they couldn’t quite get screwed down. Thankful that wasn’t a requirement to win the competition against the arts majors. Although Harmon Elizabeth College wasn’t a college but a high school, they certainly treated the student like they were in college. The amount of subjects chosen in a particular field deemed you as an Art, Science, Business or even Physical ed. Major. Winning against students who were doing Art subject their entire school life was both amazing and depressing experience. Amazing because it just meant that they were all naturally awesome but depressing because it meant that most art students hated their guts, but who cares?
“Sorry, sorry, all yah I late?” it was Alicia bursting through the doors with her 2 of her instrument cases in one hand, a cup of ritual latté, bitten donut in another and school bag that looked heavy on her back.
“Where the on earth you was, usually is Kemereta or Monae who always late.” Ava-ann shouted, she was directing the boys where to put the props on stage, the auditorium was filling up faster than a fat man filling up a water bottle after running 20 minutes on a tread mill. “No you dim wit! Left, I said left!” she stormed off behind the guys that were operating behind the closed red curtains.
“Kyla, don’t worry about Tianna, she must be in the auditorium in front, just hustle up!” Monae sounded convinced of her preposition, nothing big to worry about, she was dealing with hair and makeup to the models. Slashing Caribbean colours combinations of red, white and black, bright green and ocean blue, she was multi makeup-afying and mystifying fast and furiously. The new principal was being introduced by the Education Director, Mr. Jason Scott in front of the red curtains on the podium.
“Who is Tianna?” asked Alicia puzzled, placing all the accumulative items in her hand that were slipping on a nearby table. Taking that donut, Kemereta answered,
“Some new girl Monae has to show around for the entire week”
Slurping the latté Alicia just placed on the table, Arianna continued, “She’s the princy daughter, so try to be nice, whoa this latté is good, I love the coconut essence in it” she smiled at Alicia with a milk moustache.  
“No, am just getting a real bad feeling, seriously.” Kyla finally pieced together her saxophone, clarinet and violin.  
Tianna promised herself that she would never watch porn, but after that moment, she broke that promise. However, it was truly fascinating. Tianna knew that in every school there are whores. But seeing them at work was truly, fascinating. I guess that’s what needs to be done in order to truly ‘fit’ in some social groups. She would never go to such lengths to have a friendship with anyone, even if it was Monae and the other girls. Screw that and them! “Maintaining a certain level of dignity and self respect is important for every young girl.” That was one of mother’s quotes when they were having ‘the talk.’ She was beginning to develop breast, it felt like it was just yesterday even though it was three years ago, her boobs were still the same size. Strangely enough, she thought the ring leader of the scene was a wired one; Tianna noticed that the girl had a large drawing book on the desk in front of her and a pencil lodged on top of her ear. She got up and walk towards the live sex act. Shouting, she said “This is the true meaning of Art!” she squeezed the face of one the girls. She probably was about to climax of something because her moans were occurs faster and louder and weirder, like a grunting pig in heat. Tianna wanted to gag. Not only at the fact that two guys were getting their freak on with one of girl but that wired girl claimed that sex is art and art is sex. Being a true artist is all about passion and how passionate one must be with art work and crap! It was crap. Every word she was saying was crap! She took talking crap to a completely different level. She was listed in Tianna’s book as the crappiest spokes person on the planet.  Art was much more than sex, it was about expression. Putting your very being into whatever you are passionate about, colliding pen and paper, gold with dust, note and song, Art is poetry, art is music, dancing, drawing, drama, art is all around us, art is life. Tianna had to stop this, madness, this poisonous crap that was burning her ear hole.  She was beginning to turn the knob of the door but then she felt a touch on her shoulder. A chill ran down her spine. This touch, this hand on her shoulder didn’t feel like a girl’s hand, but whoever it was had a lot of nerve to be touching her without permission. Their breathing was very heavy and husky; she then confirmed that it was a guy behind her. She spun her right hand around slapping whoever was touching her.
“Don’t touch me you pervert!” Tianna heavy hand made the guy flip over and face first hit the floor. The boy groaned in pain with his hand rubbing his cheek.
“Says the girl watching people having sex.” Tianna blushed embarrassingly, her face puffed up and she looked like an overly ripe tomato with yellow leaves.
“I wasn’t watching, I was gagging at the bull this stupid uneducated girl is talking.” The boy was still sitting on the floor rubbing his cheek. He looked up at her, she looked down at him. She was beautiful, he was gorgeous.
He muttered a little, “Ti...Ti...Tianna right? Kyla sent me to look for you. I didn’t see your description type based on Kyla. Light blonde, icy blue eyes, pretty”
She smiled blushing, she could feel her cheeks feeling pale and red at the same time “She said I was I’m pretty” She asked curiously.
“No actually, I put that in” He smile, he had the nicest teeth she had ever seen. He got up and dusted his black pants that were clinging tightly to his legs. He can clean dark brown skin that looked so creamy, like milk chocolate. His hair was cut low and marked neatly. She found the trend strange when she came into school, a mark of one of the guys either left or right eye brow. It was either one or two stripes, this guy had 2 and he looked the best in it. His plaid west coat was opened out, more like a jacket with no sleeve, he stood straight up. His body shape was like a capital T, broad shoulders and a thin waist. And then she looked down at him.
“You’re short” she realized what she just said, she hoped he didn’t hear that.
“No my name is not short, it’s Rhondel Yearwood but it's nice to meet you skyscraper.”

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