Chapter 8


Monday 6th September 2010
8: 51 am
A sympathy of bells.
“Is that the-...”
“The bell? Yes! Which means its assembly in about 10 minutes” Tianna was aroused at the sounding beauty. The chiming, the ding-dunging, like the singing of angels. It was simple, beautiful. “Yeah the school is nice, from the food court to the lounge, there’s even an elevator! The only let down is that some of the guys...” She sigh as remarked, “Some are sexy, most are ugly, and out of the population of guys that a sexy, 70 percent of them are perverts and overly sexual, 15 percent of them are taken by some of the ruthless itches of our time and space, 10 percent of them are gay making them unavailable and the remaining 5 percent are nowhere to be found by the desperate young women like me, soul searching for a man.” Tianna chuckled, Monae talked a lot but she liked her. She felt comfortable around her, and she hoped that Monae would remain her friend even after her freshmen orientation. “Nar, I on jones, I’m not desperate, I actually have a boyfriend. Anyway, the 5 percent of available guys are actually very rare so keep a look out if you want ties to this country.” smiling, Monae grabbed Tianna arm excitingly, “There're some people I want you to meet!”
Monae and Tianna reached the lockers where 3 other girls were chitty chatting like crickets, they added to the chit chattingness of the rest of the school’s excitement from summer’s break. There were so pretty and fulfilling in more ways than others. They totally didn’t make the uniform look totally retarded like she did. Their skirts were same the red, black and white plaid as hers but the only significant difference was that it dangled above their knees with their individual style.  With either a very tall black socks with a black oxford flats or a tall black sneakers with white fancy lacing the look like they just stepped out an manga comic. Some wore black west coats which fitted just right or a stylish shirt and with a  cute tie  with the school logo on it. Looking at Monae, Tianna realized she looked just like them in attire. Not only that, the entire senior girls’ population did!  Tianna uniform looked like they belong to a size 16, when she was a size 6. Her skirt was below, smack in the middle of her shin with a large west coat making her appear flatter in the chest than usual. They all looked perfect. She look far from. They fit in. She didn't.  
“Monae, I don’t mean to be rude but,” Tianna small voice was sounding shrill when she tried to get Monae’s attention after she’d skipped over to talk to the other girls. She was being this shy, small mouthed person, it wasn’t her. Ever since she came to the island of Trinidad, she began acting differently. She hated it. She really hated it, that she shouted “I just want to be alone from now!” All the girls paused and looked at her, those stares again. Her blue eyes shimmed in fright, looking at the floor for the next thing to say after her abrupt outburst, “ I’ll see you around Monae” finally smiling wittily with her depressed inward feelings bottled up as she began walking away,
“Tianna...”  One of the girls at the locker spoke, Tianna stop for a moment, “You’re a newbie, not a hermit crab.”
Turning around, she looked at the girl for a moment. She was short, about 5’0 with long hair with huge curling iron curls and big brown eyes. Her complexion was rather fair but Tianna could tell she was still black, still pretty. “You wouldn’t understand.” Replied Tianna. She was going to turn around to make that dramatic exit that you’ll usually see on television, but another one of the girl spoke. This girl was much taller and had smooth caramel skin. Her nose was stubby and flat but she had slightly curly, slightly straighten short black hair, the other girl next to her looked just she did, except her nose was a bit more refined, but still flat and she had long flowing hair. They were of Indian decent, but still, they were so pretty. “It’s wired at first, but fitting in takes time and besides...” The other girl continued, “You’re very pretty so you’ll have lots of friends in no time” Tianna felt that warm fuzzy feeling inside. The feeling like butterflies were fluttering around in your stomach after you ate your favourite ice cream.
“Tianna, the short one is Kyla Cruiz, the Indian sisters over there are Ava-ann and Arianna Ali-...”
“Your royal sexiness is here!” Everyone turned around.
“And this loud goat is Kemereta” continued Monae with her introduction in jest. 
“Yuh see Collin Monroe name write up on me fore head? I must be look like a damn Spanish dictionary” Tianna couldn’t understand, but she found herself laughing wild and haphazardly like the others at the dark toned girl that suggestively pointed to her forehead, swiping her index finger across. Her eyes were by far the biggish she had ever seen and notice that she didn’t have a hair line. She too, dressed just like them, but her bosom wasn’t nearly as large, however she made up for it in her backside that was huge. Yet still, she was pretty. They all were.
The dongs like a catholic Sunday bell rang throughout the school. It was time for assembly and after realizing that they were the only persons in the halls, Monae, Ava-ann, Arianna, Kemereta, Kyla dashed off leaving Tianna to stand alone still laughing. “Guys?” only seeing stick figure running in the distance, the pace at which the girls were moving meant that this assembly thing was very important! Running towards them she couldn’t catch up as they disappeared when she reached the intersection block. This was bad. Her school bag wasn’t heavy but she grew wary of carrying it. She was walking in circles. Giving up, she sat on the staircase and waited for the miracle that someone would came along. It was fifteen minutes past nine. She wouldn’t hear the last of it if mother knew she was missing this ‘assembly’. Sudden, she heard moaning. “Strange” thought Tianna, it sounded like a girl, moaning in pain, the moaning was followed by cries to stop. Getting up, she dusted off the back of her skirt and began wondering towards the cries. It was coming from behind a classroom door in the third form or 9th grade block. Looking through the door’s window she saw the most outrageously sadist act of hardcore nastiness! There were 3 guys semi-circled around 2 girls bent over the teacher’s desk with their skirts lifted over their heads. Their legs where spread open and the bare buttocks of shear cocoa butter and cocoa powder complexion glittered smoothly from the sun enlighten ray. She noticed a fizzy red and a black hair colour from the girls. Were they being raped? She then notice a third girl sitting 3 student desk rows behind of them, her skin tone was much, much, darker but she wasn’t half naked and exposed, she seem to be conducting the whole enchilada. Tianna realized that they weren’t being raped, because of what she heard the girl pledging their allegiance to comply to the terms and conditions.

“Good. If yuh wanna be like us, yuh need to tek wood in yuh...”
“Girls, where’s Tianna?”


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