Chapter 4


Monday 6th September 2010
Arianna Ali trundled lazily into the dim light kitchen. The light bulb’s glow, two rooms down extended all the way to the kitchen that had just enough light to identify what was in it. Arianna’s straight hair someh

Sisters Forever
ow managed to look bedraggled with a clump of bedhead on her top right side of her head the ethic group she belonged to didn’t permit her hair to be in such a state. But she wasn’t completely Indian; her father was a black man. Very black. The sound of her feet dragging on the concrete floor and the pitter-patter of the rain on the window was lonely heard. Though, the window, the darkness of early morning overpowered the sky with its gloom. The rain only suggested how much darker the morning was as even the brightest of stars were completely out of sight.  Arianna eyes rolled left-to-right and gazed on the florescent green digital time on the stove. “Twenty minutes pass one” she said under breath. It was the agitation and excitement built up inside of her that had her up so early. Today was the first day of senor year, a year apparently full of promises. Suddenly a sharp, yet familiar pain struck her in her lower abdomen. “Gosh, what the hell?!?!” she swore. The urge of throwing up bubbled inside of her and sweat began to bead down her face. “Man, now, now of all friggin’ days!” The pain moved from her lower abdomen the deadly abyss of her butt. “Or, is that”
Inching in haste towards the toilet, as quickly as she could in slow manner to prevent the arrival of the load before the destination, Aria opened the door as Arianna passed. “What the hell is wrong with you and why are you holding your butt?” Aria and Arianna were almost identical, but Aria was older by a year, noticeable prettier and better developed than Arianna. She also had better and manageable hair. Her genetics allowed her to cling to strongly to her Indian heritage. Yet, Arianna never felt inferior
“Can’t talk now, emergency” Arianna’s reply echoed further down the hall. Her butt evenly spread over the seat of the toilet, Arianna felt a surge of deliverance, which never felt so good. It was like a load was lifted. Literally. All was well, all until, she looked down. Blood. “Great!” sighing inside, Aria knocked on the door.
“Hey Ann, You ok?”
“No.” she muttered.
“Is your period here?”
“How the hell did you know?!” said Arianna astonished.
“Cuz’ there’s a light trail of blood from your room, to the kitchen, from the hall, to the toilet, where you kinda’ are now.”
“Would you clean it for me” Arianna’s voice sweetened and sounded like a primary school child begging the shopkeeper for more gum.
“Hell no, do I look like yuh mother or yuh man? Why should I clean up after you?”
“Go to hell Ari”
“I vacation there” Aria’s voice and laughter trailed off as she walked away
“Can you at least bring me one of my underwear?” shouted Arianna.
“Arianna, Ava, SHUT UP!!!” yelled mother and the sound of a slamming door shook the very core of the girls and the house.

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