Chapter 11

Monday 6th September 2010
Everyone walked quietly together with disdainful cross- stares. Tianna stared hard at Rhondel who was obliquely opposite to her. “Son of a Gun”  she thought, she imagine hawking up a big, green lump of cold from down in her throat and hauling it yonder, dead set at him and this Hollisa person. Then she realize something strange, he was staring back her in sincere apology. She didn’t buy it; she high tailed her nose in the air with a loud HMPH! Rhondel switched his graze from Tianna to the checked floor. Why had things got out of hand in the winking of an eye? One minute he was looking for a mystery girl, another her was parting a crashing of fighting threats and another a security guard was ushering them all like some high level criminals to the assembly hall. The Hens made a faster run away to get back to the programme they were organizing. Explaining to the guard was irritated Rhonella’s pit, he saw it written, scribbled and scribed all over her face, her expression lighten was laughter when the guard denied there excuse.  He sighed a little inside. Luckily, the ritual finished just in time that the guard had not caught nor suspected a thing. This was the final straw that Hollisaaaa spoiled another aspect of his life. "This Tianna person”  he sighed again.
“Finally!” Kemereta exclaimed. They all had reached the assembly hall. Running backstage, the Hens took off.
“They really are hen. Ugly, stanking, dutty skin hens” remarked Hollisa after the girl took off. She thought they hadn’t heard her but a reply from Kemereta trailed off,
“Yuh piece ah weave too!”


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