Chapter 7


Monday 6th September 2010
Mother spun around her comfy leather chair like the boss in a conference meeting, “Tianna, thirty minutes till assembly don’t yah think you should hit the assembly hall?”
“Do I have too, can’t I just stay here in your ridiculously cool office, all air condition and stuff. I don’t wanna sit next to any smelly kid in a hot claustrophobic auditorium.”
“Tianna, you and I both know the hall isn’t small enough to make you close to claustrophobic. Plus the entire school air-conditioned. So tell me again what’s your problem is?”
“Mum, you don’t get it do you, I don’t wanna be here. I wanna go back to Lakewood. Back to my old high school where I don’t have to wear any stupid school uniform.” Then Tianna began mumbling under breath but mother heard it anyway “I wanna be back with my brother” Mother got out the chair and hugged Tianna, kiss her forehead and whispered in her ears that everything was going to be alright. Sighing Tianna pulled away from mother, taking her bag as she walked out the office. Mother didn’t understand. She was going at this alone. As fancy as the school might be, as wonderful as her new home was, she didn’t belong here. Teary eyed, the door closed behind mother. Mother will never understand.
Walking across the hall ways, past the open lawn, beyond the large fountain in the middle of the junction of stair ways were people, lots and lots of people.  Fortunately, there weren’t all black. It actually had a wide diversity of ethnic groups. Whites, Black, Indian, mixed and even Chinese! I guess it would be expected as Harmon Elizabeth College was the top and most prestigious school in the country. You either needed to be really rich or really talented to enrol. Tianna was just lucky enough to enrol because of her mother being the principal. She walked up an endless fleet of stairs to the senior’s level. With such a big school, she was surprised it didn’t have an elevator, unless of course she missed it which was highly possible.
“Walk, pace, breath in, breath out, act normal...” she smiled anything but gracefully, but more as a stiffed necked clown. People where giggling at how comical she was looking, making small hint at their other friends. She couldn’t quite understand, she thought she was being normal, acting like a Caribbean girly, but it turned out in her head that she stood out like a sore thumb. Though there seem to be ‘white’ kids in the school, they look a darker shade than her pale, flour-tone complexion. If it wasn’t the unusual and extreme fair complexion, it had to be her platinum blonde hair that Tianna just had to let down. Mother pulled the woggy so tight that she could have felt her brain tugging inside her head. Letting it all down, with bangs covered her abnormally huge forehead she stood out more. And if it wasn’t her whitish blond hair, then it most definitely had to be her ice blue eyes that stared death into your soul. But from the way Tianna was behaving, like a scared stiff necked clown kitten perched out on a ledge about to fall over ‘SLAT’ on the floor.
“You know, if you continue twisting your head like that and smiling like you have poison on your teeth people are going to think that you’re freakish...” Tianna spun around, someone was talking her! She lingered long on her words until she finally remarked while rolling her tongue jestingly. “...white girl.” The girl had dark brown hair with blonde highlights; she was awfully skinny but had enormous boobs.
Touching and relaxing her cheek bones she replied, “Have you checked lately in the mirror chick, you happen to be white also” Tianna’s head dropped back slightly to make her sound more matter-a-fact-ly. Though she tried hard to not sound as if she was rude or had an attitude, it was inevitable, her persona, her charisma, her very being wouldn’t permit such.
“Listen kid, the difference between you and me, is your complexion is way to pale to be half black as I, I’m not tan.” The factual information about the strange girl was shocking that Tianna's eyes seem to pop! Her complexion was perfectly tan-looking, like she just fell out of a magazine cover. The girl’s tone seem to instantaneously put Tianna back in her place as she straighten her back, stood up straight and gulped “But I like you attitude. What’s your name newbie?” Tianna could relaxed again, she was getting some street credit by what seemed to be a very popular girl as many persons cordially greeted as they passed, completely ignoring Tianna’s presence
“You could tell I was new?” Tianna tried to sound cool, but she figured that was a big fail by the expressional look on the girl’s face. Her fore head creases wrinkled and a smirk, tickled the side of her lips.
“That’s a really stupid question or you’re being really sarcastic.” The girl suddenly burst out in laughter loudly, it was quite strange as her nose turned bright red while snorting.
“Guess she was an easy audience to create laughter” inferred Tianna.
 “Girl, you now reach, and expect me to not notice how wired you are! No one here doesn’t even have hair or eye colour as you!” Not feeling sure if to take an offence or take her odd differentness as a compliment she laughed it out just as hard as the girl did. She laughed until she realized how stupid her question really was and genuinely began laughing. Tianna’s laughter dug deep within and burst out sounding like a wild seketle foul that was losing feather by the minutes as it made ole’ noise. The entire hall’s activity stopped but Tianna was still laughing. The janitor that made his usual round in the hall stopped and stared a while. The girl had even stopped laughing and stared at Tianna. Tianna was still laughing. Realizing, she was “Forever Alone” with this laugher, she made giggle episodes as she toned down with her laughter.
“My name is Tianna Jones”
“Jones? As in new principal Jones right?” Nodding the girl smiled and stretched out her hand. Oddly watching the girl she took hold,
“Monae Monroe, welcoming committee president. You just made my job a lot easier to find you newbie!”
“By looking like a freakish clown with poison on your teeth!” Monae joking replied as she winked while sticking out her tongue.

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  1. Jamila Nicholls5/14/2012 6:56 pm

    You have great potential. Great work! I feel so very proud of you. Keep focus and i can see that you have very far to go.


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