Chapter 3


Tuesday 8th August 2010.
5:47 pm
Kyla Cruiz waited on the porch for him in front her house. With her hand crossed and mind actively engaged as it coagulated and simplified on the matter. Kyle Belton cheated on her, and she saw the whole thing with her two big eyes. The only questioned that puzzled her, was why? She could remember seeing him tilting the girls head backwards and passionately engulfing her with his lips. She looked so consumed and almost on air. His hands moved from her back and lowered into the forbidden zone as they both leaned against his shiny black car. And poor Kyla stood there and watched. Watched Kyle’s claimed cousin get her ‘feel on’ with the one she’d hope to love forever. Crying was the obvious reaction to the situation, she needed to tell someone. Ask them advice on what to do. Asking mother was totally out of the question. After all she didn’t even know that she had a boyfriend. Tell her would be corporal punishment, using a capital punishment method. Asking father was also out of the question, he was an ignorant old man with no sense of reasoning.
 Friends. Monae Monroe, yes she would ask her. Monae was that kind of rich kid that had just about enough ‘experiences’ to the point where she could have been considered as a life coach. Any problems you had, Monae would have already been there, done that and solved it. Monae was the great granddaughter of Marilyn Monroe. Yes! The Marilyn Monroe. Her father Collin Monroe fell in love with a feisty Caribbean chick, Ophra Rienzi in club in Las Vegas. Vegas, being the city of sin he had a one-night-stand with her; from that he was determined to get more. He found her 5 months later in Trinidad working as a cashier in a Penny Savers Grocery, pregnant with his child, Monae.
Monae’s voice was comforting in a funny what but in an insulting way, “Woman seckel your hormones and tell me what the pop-tarts happen to you.” Yeah, typical Monae with her loud half-white, half-black voice, accent and vocabulary. Monae’s advice was simply to ask a question and wait for the truth, if he could lie to you twice, throw in the towel but if he tells a brutal truth, personally I would kick his as-.
“Baby!” her thought were now splatted on the walls of her mind like paint.
“Kyle you startled me.” She gasped. He was in front of her as he approached closer.
“I did?” his tone was now deepen, romantic, almost seductive. He smiled and was soon between her legs where she sat. It felt so erotic and sinfully good but she knew it was wrong, he was inching forward to brush over her lips until she turned her face and pushed him away from her. “What’s wrong baby?”
“This is! How could you sleep at night when you’re probably screwing some other girl that looks so identical to your ‘cousin’” her sarcasm raged and finger wiggled, “…and come here knowingly to kiss me now? Huh?” her voice was thrown out almost like a shout.
“I have no idea what the heck you’re talking about” His acting was as terrible as his teeth. He wanted looked utterly confused but his eyes sold out his deceit.
“I saw you Kyle…”her voice was now a whimpering whisper as her tears forcefully flowed down her face. She needed to be strong. “…I saw you kiss her on your car. Why did you do it?”
“Because I could” his answer was abrupt and stinging to Kyla’s ears.
“What-“she muffled as she looked up at him.
“I wasn’t getting anything from you. I mean I love you but…” he paused to curl her hair around his around his finger but she instinctively slapped his hand away, “I’m 21 and you’re how old, 15, 16. I not gonna’ lie to you anymore and say I can control my sexuality, because I can’t. Besides sleeping at night is great when you just had sex” He was frank. How could he still look at her and smile?
“Ugly bastard! Never talk to me again!” Throwing her shoes and anything else she could find in her hand to pelt barbarously and ruthlessly at him. She might have been 4’ 9 but her aim had perfect precision.

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