Chapter 10

Monday 6th September, 2010

The second impact of her hand against his face sent him flying harder than the first time when she had slapped him. “I am not a” she searched her mind for the right words to say; usually insulting people based on their physical limitations wasn’t that hard for Tianna but, she found this boy, this Rhondel absolutely perfect, well almost. He was just short. But everything else was perfect, even the smell of this breath took her away, and not in a bad way. It was an icy blast that sent a chilling mint sensation up her nostrils that stimulated her olfactory nerves. Amazing. “, short, dwarfed, drafted in the brain, stupid, idiotic, pervert!”
“That certainly took a lot out of you, yet still,” he stood up, unphased by her insults, “your face is as red as a cherry, your sweating and...” directing his sight to her feet, “you seem to be trembling. Let me guess, you either think I’m gorgeously handsome and probably want to kiss me or you’re afraid of me, the big, bad, ugly, stranger”
“You mean, SHORT, bad, ugly stranger” she over emphasized on the ‘short’, “then yes, I’m afraid of stupid people... Whoops! I mean I’m afraid of you.” Yes, she wanted to kiss him. Was that bad? It didn’t  matter, he was simply the most divine looking creature she had ever seen. The first impress she was giving him, did it seem hard to get? He looked like the type that liked a hard to get person. She would play damn hard with him.
“You’re vocabulary is definitely creative. Tianna I think we would get along just well!” He grinned cockily. He was totally full and sure of himself. At least she was giving a likable impression to him. This fitting in thing really wasn’t so bad after all.
“The colour of your teeth is also very colourful since we’re just so happen to be dancing on the same topic” He laughed. Why wasn’t this boy feeling insulted? He took her insults and shoved it off his shoulder. Something was wrong about this guy. Nonetheless, he was still gorgeous, but she had to keep her cool and seem uninterested. The door opened, it was the dark skinned girl. The room’s smell hazed of rough lovemaking and sweat. Tianna felt the gagging vomit travelling up her throat.
“Rhondel, it seems be you’ve brought another girl for me to based my art upon. ”
"Brought? Another? Girl? Me?" Tianna wasn’t sure if she was hearing right. "Did darkie here just said that she was another one of her collectable? Did she also say that Rhondel brought another meaning more than one girls to have sex with...? Hold on what is going on here?" She didn’t know what kind of connection was being revealed here, but she didn’t want to be a part of this triangle, quad lateral, pentagon, hex or heptagon.
“Girl...” Tianna was offended, totally, completely, she was about to let her have it! “ have to be some kind of stupid retarded to watch me say that bull to my face. I want no part of your whoring cantankerous want to be art show you have going on in there.”  Tianna wanted to talk just like a Trinidadian. She overheard a Trinidadian couple insulting one another the other day when she and her mother decided to go into the local market. The people in Trinidad cursed rather raw and insulting; understanding the slang and Creole language was hard. She understood some words especially the ones that were hurtful, like a jiggered-edged kunai knife. When they were finish, the saying goes ‘All their business was in the road.’ She learned that the man was a cheating lying bastard child who always stuck his crabs infested privates everywhere getting at least six other women pregnant and the names where listed from Jenny to Stacy. And woman according to the man, had no education, having four children with 3 different men and one of her daughter who is fourteen years old is pregnant with a big hard back man who does drugs. Nonetheless, it was fun to watch and she certainly learned how to insult, vividly and creatively like a Trinidadian; too bad her American accent made it sound wired.
Taking a quick glimpse at Rhondel, his facial expression wasn’t exactly fear stricken but showed one of total and complete respect. His causal flirty posture changed upright-like like a toy soldier.  
“No Hollisa, this one is with the Hens” She gagged, rudely rolling her eyes in front of Tianna giving her a  cold shoulder.
“Did Rhondel just called me a this one?” Tianna thought, all of a sudden, Rhondel was one of the most ugliest things she had ever seen. Like an imp that crawled out his pretty Easter egg shell. She hated him now. He was second to this girl on her Hate List.
“Get her away from me would you, she disgusts me”
“Hold it, Ms. Itchy attitude. You needs to take it down a notch. I don’t wake up every morning to impress you. Looking like an overly burnt piece bread with dry blotchy skin. Have you ever consider bathing to rinse the blackness....Oh I mean blackheads off your unpasteurized face. Word of advice, bright makeup not for black people, well at least you.”  Tianna stopped and waited, the look on Rhondel face expression scream “SHUT THE HELL UP UNLESS YOU WANT TO DIE” and the look on Hollisa face was “WHAT DID THIS THING JUST SAY”
“Listen Ms. fish fresh smelling, wanna be Trinidadian, white trashed , sprang-a-lang. Waste yuh carcass from me eye sight and throw yuh dry big head from me eh! Looking like a damn pineapple lollipop. Watch how yuh head big, big, big, big, big, and yuh body small piece.  Stay out of my way or else...”
“Or else what” This wasn’t Tianna voice, it was the girls singing in coherently.
“Or else, all of you would regret enrolling your poor asses in this school.”
“Niggrite, at least I have five times more talent would ever have in your entire life time. Money cannot help your poor excuse for ‘artistic capabilities’ when is more like ‘handicap retarded vomit’. Go and buy something useful like some breath mints and a new face or at least a proper piece of weave.” Kemereta replied rapidly in a loud voice, making clear of everything that needed to be said to hush Hollisa.

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